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This is a sitcom I wrote with my friends about our various infatuations, but more comedic. Waaay more comedic.

Juju and the man, a tedious tale.
Episode 1: friend calamari

Long ago juju lived with his parents,
Then everything changed when he went to college.
Only a job could keep juju out of poverty,
But when juju needed it most he was fired.
Some time passed and juju made a friend, the man.
Although the man's house was great, juju had a lot of money to make before he could be back on his sexy feet
But I believe juju and thr man can live together in peace

Juju enters kitchen, The man wearing an apron.
Juju: Hey Mista man!, I'm home!
Man: (angrily) don't call me that
Juju: what'cha making buddy?
Man: chilli. Were have you been all day?
Juju: you seem pretty chilly yourself!
*Azula laugh track*
Man: *rolls eyes*
juju: anyway, Ive got a big exam tommorow so i decided to visit the cow farm down the street.
Man: a biology exam?
Juju: no... Spanish, why you ask?
*Azula laugh track*
Juju: So whats the chilli for, we having a special guest?
Man: well i was thinking of inviting over some... GIRLS!
Juju: girls? I though you were gay!
Man: what gave you that idea?
[flashback to juju snooping around the man's closet only to find his private stash of scarves and shrine to Mako fashion]
Juju: uh... Nothing - who then?
Man: well theres this girl named apple blossom...
Juju: what kinda name is that???
Man: welll... You dont watch the little mermaid... Do you...
Juju: its my little pony idiot!
*azula laugh track*
*azula laugh track*
*badly done meow obviously said by a man*
man: aw man did you bring home a cat?!?
Juju: no... I brought home 16 kittens!
*azula laugh track*
man: (look of horror)
Juju: youre upset? But... the people at the farm said that 16 kitttens for 2 dollars was a good deal...
Man: but not the amount of food we have to buy them!!!!
Juju: no worries, we'll jusnfeed them chili, and if worse comes to worse, you can feed them that girl who's coming over
*azula laugh track*
Man: i dont know if i want any girls here now...
Juju: you ARE gay?
Man: no! Theres SIXTEEN cats in our flat! What do you not understand about that?!?
Juju: okay, I'll return them, but 1010's not gonna be happy about that
Man: who's 1010
Juju: the stoned lady who runs the cow farm. She's in charge of the guy cows
Man: there's no such thing as guy cows! They're bulls!
*azula laugh track*

Scene two - cow farm

Juju: anyone home?
Enter 1010 from the house -
1010: why you here julu? I thought you had that great geology ex -ham tommorow...
Juju: its spanish actually. Im here to return the kittens you gave me
1010: well? What was wrong with them? I dint neuter them! Swearsies!
Juju: no nothing was wrong with them... Except for the cost apperently...
1010: two dollar is good prise!
Juju: i know! I dont understand it either! But, i better give them back anyway...
1010: oaks. Hand em over partner.
Juju: okay *opens coat and 16 kittens spill out*
1010: so i heard this man of yours was cooking chilli tonight, mind if i come?
Juju: how'd you hear that? And how did YOU know he only cooks chilli on special occasions!
1010: i have my ways. *points at two obviously drunk carrier pigeons*
Juju: uh... thanks but ill be going. If you want chili show up at 7 sharp.
1010: kay julu!

Scene 3- back at home

Man: got rid of those cats, I assume
Juju: yup, and 1010 is coming over for chili
Man: aw, but she always reeks of concerts!
Juju: yea, but she was spying on us with her intoxicated pidgeons, so I kinda had to invite her.
Man: oh well. So blossom's coming over in an hour, and I also invited tommyfresh and his girlfriend. Do you have anyne else you wanna invite to the chilifest?
Juju: well you know that one girl who plays the sax?
Man: kinda. Do you have a thing for her?
Juju: no, but her sister is awesome. She's probably make the whole thing less awkward since, you know, you.... With girls..... And stuff....
*azula laugh track*
Man: youll be glad to know that i already thought of that. Tommy fresh is acting as MY awkward cusion.
Man: well if you want to get any studying done before people come you better grab your geometry textbook
Juju: its for spanish!
*doorbell rings* [the man gets the door]
1010: hey maine! Can't wait for yer chili. I hope it's ok that I brought my new boyfriend [animated stink lines rise from the bf]
Juju: hey who opened a package of cumin?
*azula laugh track*
1010: no, thats just farmin here. He's doing that no soap thing that all them hippys is doin'
Farnon: its farnon! I think...
*azula laugh track*
*doorbell rings* [Juju gets the door]
Buh: Hi I'm here with a bottle of european alcohol
Man: Aren't you a bit to young to be drinking
Buh: Who cares
[tommyfresh and bubz appear behind buh]
Tommy: chili time!
Bubz: stop embarrasing me tommyfresh!
1010: johnnyfresh! Jugz! Great ta see ya! [pidgeon flies to 10's arm] ooh cathy here says maine's special chili occasion is cuz a special lady's coming. Pear flower, is it?
Apple bloom: the name.... Is.. APPLEBLOOM!!!!
1010: thats what i said pearflower!
man: um... Chili is done. Hi applebloom. *gives her an apprehensive look*
Applebloom: hi the man... *gives him a saucy look*
Everyone proceeds to sit down with a bowl of chili.
Farnon: so... Whats in this chili? Is it all organic?
Juju: luuuuuuuve is in that chili!
Man: gives juju a murderous look
Farnon: oh thats alright then *winks at juju*
juju: looks away awkwardly
man: soooo.... Wanna talk about... Um...
1010: my weird obsession with you?
Man: i have to use the bathroom. Gets up
Buh: *now intoxicated* who wants to play german spin the bottle with me?
Applebloom: im gonna go find the man
Farnon: in the bathroom? Im coming too!
1010: your staying right here farmin!!
Bubz: so, tommy do you wanna talk about how much you love me?
Tommy fresh: oh bubz... You know i love you. But these are people that im not even entirely sure why i associate myself with so... *glances around: 1010 and farnon are sniffing the chili and themselves, jujus twidling his thumbs and sitting in the corner, buh is spinning a bottle in the middle of the room and then laughing hysterically, rubbing her face on different pieces of furniture* Lets leave.
The man comes back after tommy and bubz leave
Man: hey where did my awkward cushion  go?!?
Juju: *laughs nervously.* They finally realized,k how weird we are.
Man: you mean how weird you are!
[juju looks offended]
Applebloom: i'm gonna head out for the night. See ya later, my man
Man: right. *in his mind he gives her a kiss* *in reality he gives her a fistbumps*
1010: [dragging buh and farnon out the door with her left hand and plucking a promiscuous banjo with her right] bye julu! Bye maine! Thanks fer the luvvvv chili! I'm taking buh home with meh fer sum funnnnn!

Credits scene: at school

Juju emerges from his exam
Man: so how did your spanish test go!
Juju: It was history! I studied for the wrong thing!
*azula laugh track*
Man: you didn't study at all!
*azula laugh track*
Juju: oh well, I knew it all anyway.


Anna and Nora
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We are just two sisters who felt like it was time for us to start drawing Avatar related stuff. We've lurked for too long.


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